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Regardless of the growth from a small to mid-size organization, the foundation has always been quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. DLA TEAM  is committed to developing strong relationships with his clientele. All staff at DLA TEAM maintains the highest attention to detail at every point of the job – from estimating all the way through administration of each customer’s account.

Our experience ranges from ceiling damage or a reno project in one single apartment, to every ceiling in an apartment high rise construction project. With qualified tradesmen and excellent support staff, DLA Team  is dedicated to spending the time to ensure 100% satisfaction – no matter the size of your project.

If it is not good enough for our own house, it’s not good enough for our customers.

Customer Guarantee

We don’t leave the job until the customer is 100% satisfied.

As people change their décor, they also change the look of their ceiling to complement the room. The ceiling can add or take away from the room. We offer texture removal, ceiling drywall, repairs, and texture application.

DLA Team understands how important the ‘fifth wall’ is. Whether you are trying to decide a ceiling finish or you need repair, we can help from start to finish – or just a step in between:
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Calgary

Removal of Textured Ceilings

DLA Team

Textured Ceiling Removal & Repair Calgary, Airdrie, Canmore

Removal of a textured ceiling, or what is commonly referred to as ‘popcorn,’ often becomes more of a renovation job than a home owner anticipates. It is very time consuming and messy – especially when you don’t have the expertise or proper tools. There are numerous factors to consider and understand when removing your popcorn ceiling texture:

  • You will require special equipment – respirators, eye protection, scaffolding or ladders, and so on.
  • Removal is even more difficult if your ceiling has been painted since the original spray.
  • Doing the removal yourself may increase the cost of your project. Because homeowner’s lack the technique and special industrial equipment, often there is damage to the drywall (or sometimes other parts of your home – furniture, walls, floor) during the removal process that will need to be repaired before a new texture can be applied.
  • Homeowners do not have the expertise to know if the ceiling insulation or drywall will need replacing. Therefore, the removal process may have been quicker by knowing if large pieces of the ceiling needed to be replaced or accessed.
When considering popcorn ceiling removal, you should let the professionals handle it. DLA Team has over 10 years of experience with popcorn ceilings and we know how to make the removal process efficient, clean and headache free.

Reasons to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

1.  Updated ceilings instantly add value to your property.
2.  Smooth ceiling texture add natural light to your living space.
3.  The flat surface ceilings do not trap allergens and dust and can be cleaned if                      needed. Popcorn ceilings are associated with aggravating asthma symptoms.
4. Smooth ceilings texture finishes (knockdown, orange peel, etc.) have greater visual       appeal than textured ceiling.
Drywall Repairs Calgary

Drywall Installation

DLA Team

Drywall Installation Calgary, Airdrie & Canmore

When it comes to a high quality ceiling, proper preparation is key – any drywall imperfections will show through the textured ceiling. This is not only important for the appearance of the ceiling from the moment the work is complete, but also for longevity of the work. For example, if repairs to the drywall are insufficient, that can cause cracking to the texture finish later on.

We are your one stop shop. DLA Team  guarantees their work – our motto is the work we do for the customer has to be at a standard we would have in our own home, and that means quality workmanship. Being in the business over 10 years we have taped and mudded every repair imaginable – renovations, additions, damage, etc. We have the tools and experience to ensure the ceiling drywall is an adequate base for the texture of your choice.
Textured Ceilings Calgary

Textured Ceiling

DLA Team

Textured Ceilings Calgary, Airdrie & Canmore


The knockdown finish is our premium product. Knockdown is very visually pleasing as it light and smooth in appearance, and actually adds height to a room. Being the top texture choice, this adds maximum value to your home.

Splatter Texture (Orange Peel)

Splatter texture is the same as knockdown, but not smoothed after being applied. Therefore, the finished product is in between popcorn and knockdown. Splatter texture hides the least amount of imperfections – which may be an important consideration for your needs.

Regular Texture (Popcorn)

This is a base standard texture, most commonly chosen for rental properties or to match existing texture. It has a heavy finish, therefore visually adding ‘weight’ to the room. The positive of this texture is it hides the most imperfections.

Painted Ceilings

This style is a flat ceiling, similar to a wall, so there is no texture. We are receiving more requests for this. However, this style is usually the choice for large common areas in homes over 3,000 square feet.


An elegant touch to enhance knock down texture, borders and cove-in corners can add extra dimension to your room. Borders are most often chosen for dining room, living rooms, and master-bedrooms. This style is often complemented with crown molding.

Custom Hand Designs

This texture is most common in areas such as dens, living rooms, and dining rooms. We have customized many different ceiling styles over the last 10 years – smoked, swirls, half moon, and icicles.
Calgary Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repairs

DLA Team

Ceiling Repairs Calgary, Airdrie & Canmore

Damage to the texture on a ceiling can be very noticeable, and hard to fix without the right tools or experience. We can repair any type of ceiling damage, no matter how extensive. Commonly we see damage from installing or moving pot lights, water, and renovations (opening up or moving walls). Our professional experienced crews will repair your ceiling damage to match your existing texture and once we are finished the job, you will soon forget the damage that was there.

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